Hello, this is mi !


Born and bred in Los Angeles, now residing in NYC with my boyfriend and kitter. Both are very cute ;)

I enjoy emphatically exploring the 'isms of our collective conscious, and believe deeply in the importance of self-exploration and both individual and communal accountability. I am a professional model and freelance writer, and I am beginning my career in acting (sorry mom!)

You can find examples of some of my ~passions~ in the links above, as well as on my Instagram @ello_kitty. I am still very much FIGURING IT OUT. lol.

I am currently working on a few projects – three, if you were wondering – all of which are being organized with a few of my friends (hi, be my friend!).

If you are interested in collaborating on a project, discussing various dog and/or cat breeds, or if you do really want to be my friend, find me at ellokitty.info@gmail.com. (I like kitties, and Hello Kitty, in case you were picking up on a theme here but unclear on the specifics.)