Self Love Tips From People at the Women's March

This is a piece that was published by Teen Vogue on January 26, 2017. As it is a photo story, only the intro is included here. The full photo story can be found here – all words and photos courtesy of yours truly!

The Women's March on Washington was saturated with the same positive-centered energy observed in the 600+ sister marches across the globe on Saturday. Women of all ages across the nation took to the streets to make their voices heard.

For many, it was unclear just how the march would play out in D.C. and elsewhere. Love and passion were evident, but so were reminders of why intersectional feminism still needs to be addressed and implemented, right now.

To ensure inclusivity and sustain the resistance, we talked to numerous marchers, demonstrators, and organizers who attended the march. They offered their tips for self care and self love. Check out their strategies and support for staying motivated. After all, it's so important to remain intersectional, intergenerational, and trans and queer inclusive – and in working together, we are not alone.