New York City 'Stand With Planned Parenthood' Rally Photos

This is a photo story and article that was published by Teen Vogue in February 2017. All photos were taken by Michael Dumler, and the written work as well as the slideshow can be found here.

On Saturday (February 11), over 200 anti-abortion events had their messages undone by women’s health activists who planned their own demonstrations — not simply as counter-protests, but as rallies demanding the continued support of Planned Parenthood and the many services it provides.

Outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in lower Manhattan, only about 30 #ProtestPP demonstrators turned up — including a priest citing scripture and casting "holy water" upon the clinic’s entryway — compared to roughly 200 folks who came to show their solidarity with the healthcare provider. This advocacy continued as the counter-rally transitioned into a “Stand With Planned Parenthood” demonstration later in the afternoon at Washington Square Park, where an estimated 5,000 people were in attendance.

At the WSP rally, speakers included NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler, among many others. Reminding the audience that body autonomy and reproductive rights are, in fact, human rights, the event’s speakers made clear that there will be no shame imbued upon those who require any of the services provided — abortion or otherwise. 

In the wake of the consistent assaults on human rights instigated by the Trump administration, grassroots actions such as these nationwide pro-Planned Parenthood rallies all the more important. Following the Pro-PP rally, another rally supporting immigrants took place in WSP, and many of the same pink posters seen earlier in the day were present at the immigration demonstration. 

Here are some of the most inspiring photographs of the day.